Kopran Share Price: Should You Buy in 2024? A Deep Dive into Buy Recommendations

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Kopran Share Price

Kopran Share Price {Kopran Ltd.} a mid-cap pharmaceutical company specialising in active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and contract research and manufacturing services (CRAMS), has been buzzing in the investment sphere. With a current share price of ₹251.65 (as of January 2nd, 2024), Kopran’s recent positive growth has sparked questions: Is it a good time to buy? Let’s investigate the buy recommendations surrounding Kopran’s share price, analysing its strengths, weaknesses, and prospects.

Kopran Share Price Trading At 260 -270
SUPPORT – 160  180
TARGET – 540+++

Kopran Share Price: Strengths Propelling Kopran’s Potential

  • Solid Fundamentals:
    Kopran boasts a strong balance sheet with low debt and steady cash flow. Its return on equity (ROE) surpasses 16%, indicating efficient use of shareholder capital.
  • Diversified Product Portfolio:
    The company caters to various therapeutic segments, including anti-infectives, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal, reducing dependence on any single market or drug.
  • CRAMS Growth Engine:
    Kopran’s CRAMS business is flourishing, driven by rising demand for outsourced pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. This segment offers higher margins and recurring revenue, stabilising the company’s performance.
  • Export Advantage:
    With over 60% of its revenue generated from exports, Kopran benefits from the depreciation of the rupee, making its products more competitive in the global market.
  • Management Expertise:
    The company boasts a seasoned management group with a track record of success in the pharmaceutical sector.

Kopran Share Price: Weaknesses to Consider

  • Market Volatility:
    Kopran is susceptible to market fluctuations and global economic uncertainties like any mid-cap stock.
  • Competition:
     The Indian pharmaceutical market is fiercely competitive, with long-standing competitors and recent arrivals fighting for market dominance. 
  • Limited Market Reach:
    Kopran’s brand recognition and distribution network are relatively limited compared to larger pharma giants.
  • R&D Dependence:
    Although Kopran invests in R&D, its pipeline of novel drugs is less robust than that of some competitors.

Kopran Share Price:  Analyst Recommendations

Several fundamental analysts have offered buy recommendations for Kopran, each with varying perspectives:

  • Motilal Oswal:
    Bullish outlook on Kopran’s CRAMS business and projected revenue growth, with a target price of ₹320.
  • ICICI Direct:
    Recommends Kopran for its solid fundamentals and attractive valuation, with a target price of ₹280.
  • Edelweiss:
    Positive on Kopran’s long-term potential but advises caution due to market volatility, with a target price of ₹265.
Kopran Share Price: Beyond the Ratings: Your Investment Thesis

While analyst recommendations offer valuable insights, buying Kopran shares should be based on your risk tolerance and investment goals. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Investment Horizon:
    Kopran’s potential requires a medium- to long-term investment horizon. Short-term traders may face higher volatility.
  • Risk Appetite:
    Kopran is a mid-cap stock with inherent risks. If you’re risk-averse, there might be better investments.
  • Portfolio Diversification:
    Consider Kopran as part of a diversified portfolio to mitigate risks and optimise returns.
Kopran Share Price: Final Thoughts – A Calculated Bet?

Kopran presents a compelling case for investors seeking potential long-term growth in the Indian pharmaceutical sector. Its strong fundamentals, diversified portfolio, and CRAMS growth engine paint a promising picture. However, acknowledging the market volatility, competition, and limited market reach is crucial before investing. A thorough analysis of your risk appetite, investment horizon, and portfolio goals will ultimately guide your decision to buy Kopran shares. Remember, “kopran share price” is just one metric in a complex investment puzzle. Choose wisely, invest prudently, and seek professional advice if needed.


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Stay updated on Kopran’s upcoming quarterly results and industry news to help you decide on investments wisely.


It is inappropriate to read this blog post as financial advice; it is meant to be informative. Kindly seek advice from a certified financial counsellor before making any investment choices.

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