Bharat Highways InvIT IPO: A Fundamental Analysis
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Bharat Highways InvIT IPO

Bharat Highways InvIT IPO: Introduction

The Bharat Highways InvIT is making waves in the Indian financial market with its upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO). As investors gear up for this opportunity, let’s delve into the details of this infrastructure investment trust.

Bharat Highways InvIT IPO: Details

  • IPO Dates:
    February 28, 2024, to March 1, 2024

  • Listing Date:
    March 6, 2024

  • Price Band:
    INR 98-100 per share

  • Lot Size:

  • Total Issue Size:
    INR 2,500 crores

Bharat Highways InvIT IPO: Company Profile

The Bharat Highways InvIT operates under SEBI InvIT Regulations, acquiring and managing a diverse portfolio of infrastructure assets across India. Here are some key points about the company:

Sponsor and Associate:
The Sponsor, proficient in transportation engineering testing services, operates a NABL-accredited laboratory. Its Associate, NMHPL, excels in road construction with over six years of experience.

Initial Portfolio:
The InvIT’s initial portfolio comprises seven road assets operating on a HAM (Hybrid Annuity Model) basis across states like Punjab, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh. These roads are operated under NHAI concession rights and are owned by Project SPV, wholly owned by GRIL (G R Infraprojects Limited).

Bharat Highways InvIT IPO: Fundamental Analysis

Let’s dive into the financials:

Revenue Trends:

The company experienced a decline in revenue from ₹21,539.65 million in 2021 to ₹15,094.87 million in 2023. This downward trend may raise concerns about the company’s revenue-generating capabilities and market conditions affecting its operations.

Equity Growth:

Equity has substantially increased, doubling from ₹5,273.35 million in 2021 to ₹11,172.50 million in 2023. This indicates strong investor confidence and capital infusion, possibly for expansion or debt reduction.


Profit after tax significantly improved, with a notable increase to ₹5,270.47 million in 2023 from ₹1,494.46 million in 2021.

Bharat Highways InvIT IPO: Investment Considerations
  1. Long-Term Prospects:
    • While revenue trends are a concern, the company’s profitability and equity growth signal positive prospects.
    • Investors should carefully evaluate the long-term potential of Bharat Highways InvIT in the infrastructure sector.
  1. Risk Factors:
    • Market conditions, regulatory changes, and project-specific risks can impact the InvIT’s performance.
    • Debt management and revenue diversification are critical areas to monitor.

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The Bharat Highways InvIT IPO presents an intriguing investment opportunity. As you consider your investment strategy, weigh the fundamentals, assess risk factors, and make an informed decision.

Investing involves risks, and it’s essential to seek financial professionals’ advice Before making any investing decisions.

Disclaimer: This site does not provide financial advice; it is merely informational. Always do your homework and consult an expert before investing.

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